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Suzanne Hanky is a parent and family educator with over 25 years of clinical experience. She is the mother of five grown children and an adoptive parent. After 5 years teaching special education, 16 years consulting and counseling for non-profit agencies, and 4 years working with a private psychiatry practice, Suzanne founded CPRVA in 2012 so she could provide completely customized clinical experiences for all of her clients.


Alongside parents, teachers, and other clinicians, Suzanne works to understand each child’s unique development and how it influences patterns of behavior. As a team, she and the parent build an actionable plan that is specific to the child’s needs, abilities, and unique circumstances. This collaborative model resolves individual behavior problems and reduces conflict in the family and elsewhere.


Through education, skill development, and continued support, Suzanne and CPRVA

breathe joy back into the lives of those who parent.

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No child arrives in the world with instructions; and no parent operates without malfunction. We listen to your unique story and develop a plan to tackle problems great and small. From childhood to adulthood, toilet training to tantrums, sleep issues to device issues, if you’re experiencing concerns or conflict involving your child, we can handle it-- together.


Parents are human beings with a spectrum of emotions and needs most often shoved to the back burner. If you need support and counsel for yourself as you juggle the demands of raising a family, we can do that. Wherever you find yourself along the path to parental wellness, we can walk with you.


We can bring education and skill development to your community. If you’re part of an organization looking for a speaker, we can address any parent and family related topic. You choose the focus, the time, and the place; and we will come to you.


Sharing custody of a child brings a unique set of challenges to your family; but healthy co-parenting IS possible with mediation and support. These private sessions can take place with or without your parenting partner and are always sensitive to your family’s unique needs, rather than relying on a template to address disputes.


These flexible three-hour classes are specifically designed to satisfy your court order. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.


Suzanne Hanky has 10 years experience working with parents who face substance abuse, addiction, and the road to recovery. While each of these added challenges contribute to a more difficult family dynamic, regaining the trust of your children is possible through skill development and interpersonal growth.



CPRVA is committed to collaborating with families and organizations of all kinds and all means.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Suzanne Hanky directly.

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

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